Wizbe Innovations

Company: Wizbe Innovations
Top Gun: Stan Farrell, co-founder
Location: Manchester
Founded: 2006
Employees: 2.5
Sector: Materials Science
Website: www.wizbe.net

Wizbe Innovations was founded as a part-time materials science engineering consulting company while the principals worked other full-time jobs. In December 2010, Stan Farrell and Robert Farrell began working at Wizbe Innovations full-time. Wizbe Innovations work is focused on applied materials science development with a particular focus and expertise in smart materials and composites. Revenue sources include ComposiMold reusable mold making materials for small scale mold making and casting applications and research and development through industrial consulting and grants.
ComposiMold is a reusable mold making material that allows one to make many different molds (up to 35 times) from the same mold making material. ComposiMold is environmentally friendly and very easy to use by melting in the microwave. The ComposiMold product works to make castings from chocolate, plaster, plastic, concrete, and even wax and soap. Some examples of what customers have been making with ComposiMold include: 3,000 giant New York chocolate cockroaches for a convention (held in NY city), casting of parts for a 1938 Ford Truck to be used to make metal castings, gummy bear shaped earring (actual made of plastic, but they look like gummy bears), sculpture of a chocolate eagle for Eagle Scout, Chocolate hand gun and badge for a sheriffs retirement party, and figurine action hero from plastic.