Tethys Research

Company: Tethys Research LLC
Top Gun: Nancy G. Kravit, Ph.D., chief executive scientist
Location: Bangor
Founded: 2000
Employees: 2
Sector: Biotechnology
Website: www.tethysresearch.com

Tethys takes a comprehensive approach to enzyme and metabolite discovery. Tethys uses an integrated approach to design individualistic strategies for given targets, using its broad scientific base and technical knowledge instead of robotic strategies. The Tethys approach searches a smaller number but a wider variety of microorganisms chosen on the basis of a specific target’s characteristics and is particularly well-suited to the discovery of novel enzyme activities for which no convenient genomic or combinatorial hook exists. The Tethys methodology includes microorganisms that are not amenable to high throughput screening methods, as well as enzymes or metabolites that are not expressed effectively by standard DNA molecular cloning techniques.
The company is projecting profitability within the next two years.