Company: Flagsuit LLC
Top Gun: Peter K. Homer, president
Location: Southwest Harbor
Founded: 2007
Employees: 1
Sector: Aerospace
Website: www.flagsuit.com

Flagsuit LLC was founded to commercialize technology developed for the winning entry in the 2007 NASA Astronaut Space Suit Glove Competition. Based in coastal Maine, the company is focused on streamlining the production of “Made to Fit” elements for suborbital and future planetary space suits. Flagsuit develops low cost, high mobility gloves and pressure garments for spaceflight, medical treatment, and manual manipulation of objects in a vacuum. Flagsuit works with NewSpace firms, aerospace companies and government customers on advanced space crew protection systems, and is concurrently developing a portable pressure suit for treating non-penetrating brain injuries with hyperbaric oxygen. The company is currently in classic startup bootstrap mode.