Facing My Fears: Launching on Friday the 13th

“Always do what you are afraid to do.” I believe in living this motto from Ralph Waldo Emerson because pursuing our dreams often involves doing what we fear most.

I’ve been working on WealthGathering.com for the better part of a year with a team of fantastic developers. And before that, I spent a year developing the concept with the help of a couple of brilliant colleagues. Wealth Gathering is more than just a website to me. It’s my vision to for an inspiring and human approach to personal finance. It’s a community where people will create profiles, share information, and contact each other related to financial and life goals.

Not only does the new site need to have a lot of useful information and a clean design like any business website, but it also needs to work interactively and intuitively like a social network. I’ve been driving my poor web designers crazy fretting over small details of the site. What should the graphic look like on this page? Is the sentence on that page confusing? I’ve been saying for weeks (months) that the site is “almost” ready.

The truth is that I’m just afraid — afraid that the site won’t measure up to the vision in my mind’s eye, afraid of those creepy software bugs, afraid that people won’t like it. But as a good friend, three mentors, the principles of The Lean Startup, and a dead poet have now reminded me…it is time to do what I am afraid to do.

On Friday the 13th, I will face my fear. Despite not feeling completely ready, we are launching Wealth Gathering for about a hundred people to try out. If it turns out to be a horror…well the ominous date is a convenient excuse.

(If you want to join the pilot test, you still can! You can watch a short video about the social app and sign up here: http://www.wealthgathering.com/pilot-test-signup/)

Websites evolve over time and after beta testing, Wealth Gathering will too. I stumbled across this article about what some of our favorite websites looked like at their launch, which puts things into perspective. Even the Googles, Amazons, and Facebooks of the world have improved over time…and our site will too.

So here’s the moral to the story: Don’t let your idea wait for perfect conditions. Just try it and know that you can always do a mid-course correction. In a few days, rather than guessing what people think and
how I can improve the site, I’ll actually know. This is very scary but also very exciting.

Do you have something you’re afraid to do on behalf of your business? Comment below and set a deadline for yourself. Commit yourself to a specific date and we can all help you achieve your goal!