Steve Blank presentation

On February 15, Silicon Valley celebrity Steve Blank addressed Top Gun Maine, and entrepreneurs in a total of 14 locations across Maine, in an historic 16-way multipoint videoconference. It was one of the highlight events of Maine Entrepreneurship Week.

Steve Blank is extremely generous in sharing his vision of entrepreneurship, so we are able to provide to you his PowerPoint presentation on Slideshare, as well as the entire evening on video. In March his first book in a decade will be published: The Startup Owner’s Manual. Click on any of the links below to see the videos on Vimeo (the entire event is over two hours so it is broken up into discrete sessions).

Top Gun Maine – Introduction by Don Gooding, MCED (1:57), MeBIS Announcement (2:19)

Fletcher Kittredge, GWI (2:28) and John Voltz, Blackstone Accelerates Growth (4:13)

Steve Blank – What’s A Startup? (12:31)

The Delusions of Entrepreneurship (7:21)

What Do We Need To Do To Get Startups Right? (8:06)

Tools for Entrepreneurship (1 and 2) (11:46)

Customer Development (14:46)

CarrotBot Example (10:46)

Xoom Park Example (5:54)

Questions and Answers 1 (8:15)

Questions and Answers 2 (11:04)

Questions and Answers 3 (15:16)