In Praise of Ignorance

There is definitely a place for stupidity in entrepreneurship. If I had known what I was facing, I probably wouldn’t have started a company at all. Frankly, a lot of my successes in science came from not knowing all the difficulties of a project before I started too. There’s definitely something to be said for heading into a project, learning what you need on the go as you need it, and not getting bogged down even before you start by the sheer complexity. Of course it’s also a good way to fail, and my first business idea did just that. But on the way, I learned how to refocus my business and was able to make the most of another opportunity that came along. So my first entrepreneurship life lesson is that it’s ok to start out ignorant but never to stay that way. Fortunately, Maine has some great resources for curing ignorance – or at least managing it. There will always be more to learn.

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About Nancy Kravit

Nancy Kravit, Ph.D. inventor of the Tethys Technology, co-founded the company and serves as Chief Executive Scientist, directing all scientific operations. Dr. Kravit has a Ph.D. in cell physiology and biophysics, and M.S. degrees in both chemical engineering and cell biology. She has been affiliated with leading research institutions including Harvard University, MIT and Washington University Medical School. In her research career, Dr. Kravit has developed important new techniques in the areas of cell biology and protein chemistry, and has discovered several new genes. The results of her work have been published in leading peer review journals.