Here Comes Steve Blank

I just got back from testing a 14-way videoconference, a week in advance of the Big Event: Steve Blank speaking at Top Gun. He’s Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurship educator, and he will be beamed across Maine: Portland, Orono, Cherryfield, Presque Isle, Dover-Foxcroft… and many more spots. To come hear what he has to say, Wed Feb 15 at 6 PM, see the listing of locations at

He has a new book that will be released next month, his first in a decade. His thinking has influenced many, including Top Gun Maine. It’s not rocket science but extraordinary common sense: scalable startups are different from big companies so they need a different toolbox; design new products or services while talking to potential customers; don’t assume, make hypotheses then test them, cheaply; you never get it right the first time so be prepared to pivot.

It’s time to bring this thinking to startups across Maine!