Financial Fitness for Life

kettle bell character holding dollar billIt’s New Year’s resolution time. We look back at what we’ve eaten, what we’ve spent and what we’ve done—or not done—and something’s got to change! For most of us, our efforts will involve improving our behavior around our health and our wealth. Physical fitness and financial fitness are similar in that many of the same characteristics and strategies apply to both. That’s good news for the out-of-shape body and bank account.

Wealth, like health, isn’t a one-time event. It’s the result of practicing wealthy habits across a lifetime. That’s why it’s so hard to do. We try motivating ourselves to “do better this month” or “improve our finances this year,” but soon the well intentioned resolution is forgotten.

Strengthen Your Resolve

Wealth Gathering is like a personal trainer for your wallet: a systematic program using coaching, peer support and a points system to help you practice wealthy habits. Check out our video below for a sneak preview of how our financial fitness program works. Next, while your resolve is still strong, sign up for Wealth Gathering!

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