Introducing Top Guns

It’s not easy starting your own company. It’s even more challenging when you’re trying to do something new, something that could be a major contributor to Maine’s economy someday. And it’s especially hard if you’ve never started a company before.

Top Gun Maine assembles ambitious first-time entrepreneurs and surrounds them with help: experienced mentors, knowledgeable advisors, expert speakers on the challenges they all face, like sizing markets, raising money, hiring teams.

This blog will chronicle their journey together as they work hard to overcome the odds. Their stories are a window into the future of Maine’s economy. Some of them will likely make headlines for years to come as they reinvent the way Mainers earn a living and create wealth. Others will face insurmountable problems but emerge smarter and stronger as they “fail fast, fail cheap.”

We should be rooting for them all. It takes a village to make a successful, scalable innovation based company. The Top Gun community volunteers time and energy to build tomorrow’s business leaders. Your input is also welcome!

Don Gooding
Executive Director, Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development